Which Standards Apply to Retractable Seating in the UK?

Which Standards Apply to Retractable Seating in the UK?

Retractable seating, also known as telescopic, raked, or bleacher seating, is a type of seating that can be adjusted to create different levels of tiers. This allows you to optimize the space and the visibility of your audience, whether it is for education, sport, or theatre. But how do you know if your retractable seating meets the quality and safety standards in the UK? In this article, we will explain which standards apply to retractable seating in the UK and why they are important.

BS EN 13200: The Design Standard for Retractable Seating

One of the main standards that apply to retractable seating in the UK is BS EN 13200, which is the British and European standard for spectator seating. This standard covers various aspects of retractable seating design, such as:

  • Safety: It specifies the locking mechanisms, the wheel requirements, and the loadings that the platforms and rails must withstand.
  • Layout: It defines the minimum depth between the rear of one seat and the front of another, also known as the seatway.
  • Fire safety: It gives guidance on how to prevent fire hazards and ensure safe evacuation routes.
  • Sightlines: It ensures that the spectators have a clear view of the event, without any obstructions or glare.
  • Documentation: It requires the provision of operation and maintenance manuals, as well as clear labelling of the retractable seating system.

By following this standard, you can ensure that your retractable seating is designed according to the best practices and meets the expectations of your customers.

BS EN 12727: The Strength Standard for Retractable Seating

Another important standard that applies to retractable seating in the UK is BS EN 12727, which is the strength standard for ranked seating. This standard tests the durability and resistance of the seats, by simulating various scenarios of wear and tear, such as:

  • Repetitive tests: These test the strength of the tip-up mechanism, the seat attachment, and the backrest.
  • Static tests: These test the stability and deformation of the seat under different loads.
  • Impact tests: These test the resilience of the seat to kicks, knocks, and jumps.

The standard has four different levels, from level 1 (general use) to level 4 (severe use). The level of the seat indicates how well it can withstand the stress and strain of frequent and intensive use. For example, level 4 is the required level for schools, as specified by the Department for Education.

By choosing seats that meet this standard, you can ensure that your retractable seating is strong and durable, and can last for a long time.

Building Regulations: The Legal Requirements for Retractable Seating

Besides the technical standards, there are also some legal requirements that apply to retractable seating in the UK. These are the Building Regulations, which are the rules that govern the construction and alteration of buildings. Some of the relevant parts of the Building Regulations for retractable seating are:

  • Part K: Protection from falling. This part sets the minimum height and strength of the handrails and balustrades, as well as the maximum gap between them, to prevent people from falling off the retractable seating.
  • Part M: Accessibility. This part ensures that the retractable seating is accessible and usable by people with disabilities, such as wheelchair users, visually impaired people, and hearing impaired people. It also requires the provision of adequate signage, lighting, and emergency systems.

By complying with these regulations, you can ensure that your retractable seating is safe and legal, and does not pose any risk to the health and welfare of the public.

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