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Anika VIP Single

Anika VIP Single can recline up to 145 degrees thanks to its motorized mechanism. The Anika recliner, which has two cup holders and a USB port, manages to attract attention with its special quilted design.

Width 92 cm
Depth  90  cm
Hight 100 cm

Zero Single

Zero Single has a motorized mechanism. You can easily adjust the position you want with the ergonomically designed button.

Zero Single, which provides a very comfortable use with the cup holders on the right and left arms, switches to reading mode thanks to the adjustable leg section, and offers you more than a seat by switching to sleep mode.

Zero Single reclines 145 degrees.

Optional massage feature can be added. The massage feature massages 5 different areas in 8 different modes.

Width 90 cm
Depth 92 cm
Hight 110 cm