The Key : Creativity and Innovation

In today’s fast-changing economic environment, creativity and innovation are essential to the success of a successful company. For a company to grow and maintain a competitive edge, it is vital that it cares more about creativity and innovation than ever before. As Seatment, we analyze the requests we receive from our customers in detail and use them to improve our future operations.

Creativity and innovation are used to generate new ideas and improve existing ideas. With the advanced CRM and information processing software we use, we report the deficiencies of the previous year every year and develop our design, production, customer relations and after-sales support units in the light of these reports.

We never define creativity and innovation as a workload! Creativity and innovation are necessary to produce better solutions in different areas and are the key to success in the long run.

If creativity and innovation are supported, it helps to meet the needs of employees and customers. Business managers should support their employees to be innovative and creative and encourage their employees’ thoughts and ideas. As Seatment, in addition to increasing our production capacity, we have made it our duty to make continuous improvements so that our products more than meet today’s qualifications.

If you want to be a leading manufacturer in today’s world, besides calculating all your steps well, you also need to analyze the steps you have taken. As Seatment, we trust all our employees.


On behalf of Seatment™ team

Mr. Yusuf Yaman

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