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Discover Seatment seminar seats designed specifically for auditorium seating. Check out our seminar chair models that are appreciated by the audience with their comfortable and ergonomic design.
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Meet Seatment, your solution partner for all your commercial seating projects, with our nearly 40 years of experience in manufacturing auditorium chairs, theater chairs, cinema seats and conference seats. We are proud to offer the most comfortable, ergonomic and price-performance optimal solutions you need for your congress seating projects!

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About Congres & Seminar Seating

Seminar Chairs

Seminar chairs are chairs used in conference halls, meeting rooms and universities. These types of auditorium seats, which usually have a writing pad, offer the audience a good seating experience with their comfortable structure and stylish appearance.

Congress Chairs

Congress chairs are a type of chair used in congress halls and aiming to offer maximum comfort to the participants. This way, participants can fully focus on the event or meeting. As Seatment, a leading auditorium seat manufacturer, we are proud to offer the best alternatives for all your auditorium, seminar and congress seating projects.

Auditorium Seats

Auditorium seats are chairs used in auditoriums, theaters, conference rooms, and other venues where people gather to watch a presentation or show. The seats used in the auditorium seating arrangement are designed to provide comfort, ergonomics, aesthetics and functionality to the users. As Seatment, we are sure to offer the best alternatives for your seating projects with many customization options!

Audience Seats

Audience seats is another term for auditorium seats. Audience seats are seats in an auditorium where people attending a performance or lecture sit throughout the event. Comfort in these seats, also called audience chairs, is important in providing the audience with a positive and memorable seating experience. The priority in seat models preferred in audience seating projects is comfort, design and budget.

Auditorium Seat Dimensions

Auditorium seat dimensions are dimensions such as width, depth, height and slope of auditorium seats. Auditorium seat dimensions directly affect the comfort and capacity of the auditorium seating. Auditorium seat dimensions should be determined by taking into account the needs of the target audience, the ergonomic standards of the industry and the capacity of the venue. The seating width of auditorium chairs is generally between 50-60cm. As Seatment, we offer rich customization options in the dimensions, functional features, color and fabric type of our products. In this way, you will be able to easily access the custom auditorium chairs you need for your project.

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