10 Reasons, Why work with Seatment?


  1. Seatment does not offer a fixed price list! Makes project-specific pricing. Thus, it offers its customers the highest quality at the most competitive prices
  2. Unlike other manufacturers, Seatment is a manufacturer that works not based on production, but based on customer demand.
  3. Seatment cares about customer projects. Seatment does not work with the “manufacture, sell and next!” philosophy.
  4. Seatment relies on product quality and sends samples all over the world.
  5. Seatment uses its production advantages in favor of its customers.
  6. Seatment never works with a low quality – low price philosophy. Seatment has adopted the philosophy of high quality – competitive price.
  7. Seatment offers customization in all its products with its manufacturing power.
  8. Although Exwork Factory works, Seatment provides logistical support to its customers when necessary.
  9. Due to Turkey’s geographical location, Seatment’s factory is close to Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  10. Seatment is pleased to welcome its customers to the factory. Seatment cares about customer satisfaction and relations in the whole process, from the first communication to after-sales support.

Seatment™ is different, young, energetic, experienced & professional.

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