Conference Chairs

Conference chairs are the general name of the chairs used in training, seminar or conversation halls. The reason why it is one of the most widely used auditorium seats is its wide usage areas as well as its simple design and affordable prices.

Some of our Conference Chair Models

Since design, comfort and functionality are at the forefront in theater or cinema seating, dense sponge and aesthetic products are preferred. In conference seating, it is generally sufficient to provide minimum comfort to the users. Of course, there may be many exceptions.

Conference Chair

Conference chair models used for educational purposes are produced with writing tray (Also called conference table chairs). This allows users to take notes during training or seminars. Conference hall chairs with writing table can be offered in three different types: side-opening, inside, or foldable writing tray behind the seat.

Lecture Hall Chairs

In seminars, talks or conferences, it is critical that users focus on the subject matter. Models that are uncomfortable enough to cause loss of focus during the event or training are not liked by users.

Generally used in universities, company meeting rooms, religious venues and convention centers, lecture hall chairs are produced in plastic, wood or upholstered. Determining your needs before making a purchase decision will save both your budget and your time.

Conference & Lecture Hall Seating Solutions.

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