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Fixed Theater Seats With Plastic Armrest

If you are looking for theater chairs for your commercial seating project, you might be wondering what kind of seats are best suited for your needs. One of the options you have is fixed theater seats with plastic armrest. These are seats that are permanently attached to the floor and have armrests made of plastic material. In this article, we will explain what are the benefits of choosing fixed theater seats with plastic armrest, how much they cost, and how they compare to other types of theater seats.

Why Are Fixed Seats Used in Theater Halls?

Fixed seats are used in theater halls for several reasons. First of all, they provide a uniform and neat appearance to the auditorium, as they are aligned and spaced evenly. This also makes it easier to clean and maintain the seats, as there are no gaps or crevices where dust or dirt can accumulate. Secondly, fixed seats offer a comfortable and stable seating experience for the audience, as they do not move or wobble when people sit on them or get up from them. They also have a fixed back angle that supports the posture and prevents back pain. Thirdly, fixed seats are safe and durable, as they are made of sturdy materials that can withstand wear and tear. They also have a fire-resistant coating that prevents them from catching fire in case of an emergency.

Fixed Theater Seat Prices?

The price of fixed theater seats depends on various factors, such as the quality, design, size, and quantity of the seats. Generally speaking, fixed theater seats are more affordable than other types of theater seats, such as reclining or rocking seats, as they have fewer features and mechanisms. However, they still offer a high level of comfort and functionality for the audience. At Seatment, we offer fixed theater seats with plastic armrest at a competitive price that ranges from $65 to $200 per seat, depending on the model and specifications. We also offer customization options that allow you to choose the color, fabric, and logo of the seats, as well as the layout and arrangement of the rows and aisles.

Theater Chairs with Plastic Armrests vs Wooden Armrests

Another factor that affects the price and quality of fixed theater seats is the material of the armrests. There are two main options for this: plastic armrests and wooden armrests. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on your preference and budget. Plastic armrests are lighter and cheaper than wooden armrests, as they are made of synthetic materials that are easy to produce and transport. They are also more resistant to stains and scratches, as they have a smooth and glossy surface that does not absorb liquids or dirt. However, plastic armrests can also be less comfortable and durable than wooden armrests, as they can feel hard and cold to the touch, and can crack or break over time. Wooden armrests, on the other hand, are heavier and more expensive than plastic armrests, as they are made of natural materials that require more processing and care. They are also more prone to stains and scratches, as they have a porous and rough surface that can absorb liquids or dirt. However, wooden armrests can also be more comfortable and durable than plastic armrests, as they can feel soft and warm to the touch, and can last longer and age better.

At Seatment, we offer both plastic and wooden armrests for our fixed theater seats, so you can choose the one that suits your taste and budget. We also ensure that both types of armrests are ergonomic and stylish, as they are designed to fit the shape and size of the human arm, and to match the aesthetic and theme of the theater hall.