The star of 2023 has set its sights on 2024.

Kayra 10300 Auditorium Seat

Kayra is becoming more and more popular with its looks and features. With its aluminum amrests, polished solid wood armrest tops and folding mechanism, you will be able to use your space with maximum capacity.

Designed to utilize the capacity of auditoriums and other halls in the most efficient way, thus increasing the number of guests you will host, Kayra also attracts attention with its stylish appearance.

Kayra has upholsteredseat and back and can be customized according to the needs of your auditorium seating project. In addition, thanks to its single leg, it maximizes space efficiency and durability for projects with shared and independent armrests.


This model is suitable for both fixed seating projects and retractable seating projects. The leg inclination can also be customized for sloping floors.

A great option for retractable and fixed seating systems, Kayra redefines space efficiency and comfort.

Suitable for both retractable seating and auditorium seating with many options such as inclined leg and foldable leg.

Kayra 10300 Technical Details & Datasheet