Leading auditorium seats manufacturer from Turkey! Seatment is a manufacturer of auditorium seats for university halls, theaters and all auditoriums. Seatment has become one of the world’s most respected companies and manufacturers in its field, with years of manufacturing experience and customer relationship management. Seatment, which is an expert in Auditorium Seating Solutions, can manufacture customized products according to customer demands in addition to the standard seats it offers on its website. Contact us for references. As Seatment, we offer solutions for Auditorium Seating, Theater Seating, Conference Hall Seating, Lecture hall Seating, Performance Hall Seating, Congress Seating, University Seating and Multipurpose area Seating. If you have any project, just contact us and we’ll help you to make it come alive. Seats for conference hall, seats for lecture hall, seats for church, seats for auditorium, seats for university, seats for theater.

Our mission is to provide the best seating solutions for Airports & Stations, Universities & Schools, Ferries & Cruise Ships, Hotels & Conventions, Clinics & Hospitals, Religious Centers. Multipurpose Area Seating, Conference Rooms, Convention Centers, Concert Halls & Auditoriums, Parliement Buildings, Multipurpose Macro-spaces, Sport Stadiums, Theaters, Movie Theaters & Cinemas, and more. Reach us for more information.

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