Theater Chairs

Theater is a magical art where people go on an emotional journey and experience their thoughts and emotions together through the show on stage. In order for the audience to experience this journey in a relaxed and comfortable way, theater chairs are a hidden hero.

Theater Chair Models

What is a Theater Seat?

A theater seat is a special type of seat where the audience sits in theatre halls. These seats are designed to ensure that the audience has a comfortable and enjoyable seating experience while watching the performance. It has a dense sponge structure so that theater audiences do not feel pain in their backs even during hours-long performances.

It differs from other auditorium seats with its backrest height and seating position. In addition, the armrests are produced with curved armrests to provide a more aesthetic appearance.

In theater seating, the seats are arranged in a tight order in the theater halls so that more audiences can fit and everyone can see the stage in the best way.


What Distinguishes Theatre Seating from Other Auditorium Seating?

In fact, the main difference that distinguishes theatre seats from others is the armrest and upholstery design. While models with cup holders are preferred in cinema seating, they are usually standard in theater seats.

While armrests made of plastic are often used in cinema seating, conference hall seating and stadium seating, theater seats use wooden armrests for a more natural look.

As in other performing arts halls, the dense sponge used in theater chairs is used to offer maximum comfort to the audience.


Should Theater Chair Armrests Be Wooden or Upholstered?

Whether the armrests should be wooden or upholstered can vary depending on the design of the theater hall and the comfort of the audience. In fact, both options have their advantages.

Wooden Armrest chairs have a classic and elegant look. The armrests and back-bottom acoustic covers are usually made of wood. Armrests with a curved appearance are appreciated by theater visitors.

Theatre seats with upholstered armrests usually offer more comfort and allow the audience to sit more comfortably for longer periods of time. Soft back and seat cushions offer the audience a luxurious seating experience. In addition, if the color of the fabric to be used in the upholstery is chosen well, it becomes a complementary detail for the perfect ambiance.

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