Transform Your Venue with Luxurious Cinema Seating for Ultimate Success!

Cinema seats are different from other auditorium seats with their stylish appearance and models with cup holders. Many different models can be preferred in cinema seating, from economical cinema chairs to luxury cinema seats.

As auditorium chairs manufacturer Seatment, we offer the most suitable solutions for all your cinema and movie theater projects. You can contact us for many requests such as commercial cinema seats, cinema chairs for sale.

The key point in cinema seating is comfort and viewing angle. It is a must to plan in advance for all moviegoers to see the stage and the movie from the best angle.

Another stage to be considered in movie theater and cinema seating is the thorough calculation of safe exit routes and hall slope. The height of the back of the theater seat you plan to buy and whether the audience in the back row is affected by this height should be calculated in advance.

For much more detailed information about cinema seating and theater seats, please contact Seatment Auditorium solutions specialist.


Quality Cinema Seats

Our priority is always to produce quality cinema seats.


Durable Cinema Seats

We subject them to durability tests when producing cinema seats.


Stylish Design Cinema Seat

When producing cinema seats, we pay attention to appearance and elegance.

With years of production experience, we offer our customers the opportunity to customize all of our products. We analyze the requests of our customers well in color, fabric and optional feature selections, and give suggestions if necessary.

“A strong manufacturer, well-analyzed demand means a problem-free project”