Well-planned conference seating helps all audience members to understand the presentation or lecture in the most efficient way. This is because the seating arrangement is planned so that all audience members can hear the stage and the speaker, and the conference seating provides a good seating experience for the duration of the event.

Conference hall seating can range from affordable conference hall chairs to luxury conference chairs. If you are currently running a project and are in the process of choosing a conference chair, you need to know what kind of conference chair you need.

As Seatment, a manufacturer of conference and auditorium chairs, we offer solutions for all your conference and meeting room projects. Contact Seatment auditorium seating solutions specialist for your many requests such as commercial conference seats, conference seats for sale and luxury conference chairs.


With years of production experience, we offer our customers the opportunity to customize all of our products. We analyze the requests of our customers well in color, fabric and optional feature selections, and give suggestions if necessary.

“A strong manufacturer, well-analyzed demand means a problem-free project”

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Conference Hall Seating Projects