VIP Theater Seating

VIP theater seating (also called recliners) are manufactured to offer maximum comfort. Unlike standard seats, VIP theater seats have a mechanism. Thus, with a button or remote control, moviegoers can control their back and legs and adjust the optimal reclining position.

The focus of VIP theater seating is to offer a premium seating experience. Therefore, other features that increase comfort are also important. Almost all recliners are equipped with cup holders. Many recliners also have a cooled cup holder. In addition, lumbar support and ergonomic design provide all the necessary features for maximum comfort for a moviegoer.

VIP Theater Seating

Reclining chairs can also optionally have a massage feature. As VIP auditorium seating manufacturer Seatment, we offer the most suitable solutions for VIP cinema seating, VIP movie theater seating and all your other projects.

Recliners offer users a unique cinema experience with USB port and lighting preferences. Thus, the audience can charge their phones or tablets during the movie. Such features both give the user a premium feeling and increase the prestige of the movie theater.

Seatment reclining chairs are the best alternatives for your commercial theater seating projects. We have good news for you, all our models can be customized with size, features, fabric – artificial leather options.

Manual Recliners