Auditorium Theater Seating & Performing Arts Seats

As Seatment, we manufacture seats for auditorium theater, performing arts halls, lecture halls and cinemas in our 16000m2 factory.

Performing arts seats are auditorium seats that are critical for the comfort of the audience. A theater, cinema or auditorium hall that cares about its audience should use auditorium chairs that offer high comfort. We are as close as a message for auditorium seating options suitable for your budget. We will help you with our expert team in finding auditorium seats for sale, which is the next step after the auditorium seating layout or drawing.

Theater and Cinema Seating Solutions

What makes Seatment special is its special pricing for your projects. Our expert team offers the most competitive auditorium seat price for your project. The reason for the increasing popularity of Seatment brand in theater seats and cinema seats is their stylish designs and long service life. We share our sectoral and production experience with our customers through the projects we collaborate with hundreds of architects, designers and business people. For this reason, you can trust us for your trouble-free theater seating and cinema seating projects.

Theater Seating and Auditorium Seating Prices

Theater seats have different price tags depending on the materials and features used. Prices for theater seats without compartments vary between $55-$120 on average, while dense sponge and VIP theater seats have at least triple-digit price tags.
When looking for auditorium seat prices, you can choose models with plastic armrests for the most competitive price offer. You can quickly learn the most suitable theater seating price for your project from our expert team.

Lecture Hall Seating & Lecture Seats

Classroom chairs are the unsung heroes designed for students or conference participants to receive fully focused and efficient education. Lecture hall chairs with writing table make it easy for users to take notes. Lecture hall chairs have a wooden, plastic or metal structure. While seats with wooden back and seat are generally used in pre-university educational institutions, upholstered seats are preferred in university and seminar halls.

Cinema Seating & Cinema Chairs

Cinema seats (cinema chairs), which are often preferred in red, are obliged to provide the highest level of comfort while watching movies. Cinema seats with cup holders are used in almost all movie theater seating. In addition to satisfying the audience during the movie with its dense sponge structure, it complements the ambiance of the hall with its stylish appearance.


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Seatment Auditorium Theater Seating

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