Home Theater Seat Models

If you are looking for a home theater seat and want to get information about this subject, you are at the right place. We will share with you some models of our company, which exports Home theater seats to more than 50 countries. Contact us for more information.

Anika Home Theater Seat

Our Anika home theater seat model is undoubtedly one of our most popular models. In addition to its stylish and elegant appearance, it will accompany you for many years with its high quality leather structure. Thanks to the Anika Home theater seat and cup holders, you will enjoy your drink while watching your movie.

Another feature of this model is that it has a USB port. Your charge will never run out!

Of course, the first function of a home theater chair is to recline. Our Anika Single model will attract your attention with its 145 degree reclining feature. The massage feature we offer as an option will relax your body while you watch the movie. We have good news for you. Our Anika home theater chair model can be produced from any fabric or leather you want. Please contact us for color and fabric options. In addition to personalization features such as color, size and fabric, this model also offers many optional features. Please contact us for the price of Anika home theater seat.

Zero Double Home Theater Seat

Our Zero Double home theater seat model is one of the favorites of 2022. It draws attention with its comfort, durability, stylish appearance and useful feature.

The Zero Double home theater chair has two cup holders, USB ports and functional middle module as standard. This way, all your focus will be on your movie!

As in many models, fabric, genuine leather and artificial leather options, optional massage feature and tray table are left to the choice of our valued customers in our Zero Home theater chair model.

Lena Relaxation Chair

Lena relaxation chair draws attention with its affordable price and comfort. It can be used as a cinema seat as well as a TV seat. Since it does not have a motorized mechanism, you can use it in every corner of your home. Is it just at your home? Of course not. If you wish, in your office, by your pool, in your garden…

Lena relaxation chair can rotate 360 degrees. In addition, it fully fits the definition of “rest chair” with its back and forth rocking feature.

Today we shared three of our models with you. Be sure to visit our website to access all home theater chair and relaxation chair models.

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