Theater Seat Models

As Seatment, the manufacturer of theater seats, we will share some of our theater seat models with you. You can contact us for theater seat model suggestions for your theater seating projects.

The choice of theater seats is definitely not an instant decision. Since it will be used for years, it is necessary to think well during the decision-making process. Contacting the right manufacturer will help you make a better decision. With years of experience as Seatment, we examine the projects of our customers and offer the most suitable alternatives to our customers.

Theater seats, unlike cinema seats, are simpler. They often do not have cup holders. In this way, they are more affordable. Some of our most preferred theater seat models in 2022:

Alpha Theater Seat

Alfa theater seat draws attention with its stylish design and comfortable structure. The Alfa Theater chair, which also saves space as it is foldable, is one of the products that will be the most suitable solution for your theater projects.

Alfa, one of our VIP seat models produced with Seatment guarantee, is produced in accordance with TSE with long upholstered wooden arm, half wood back, seat upholstered, wooden arm top seat.

theater seats models
Alfa Theater Seat

Hedy Theater Seat

Hedy theater seat attracts attention with its wooden structure. One of our foldable models, Hedy is a good alternative for your theater projects with its stylish appearance. It can be customized like all our models.

Hedy, which is one of our Theater and VIP seat models produced with Seatment guarantee, is produced in accordance with TSE with its Long Wooden Arm Top Knob Back and Seat Wooden Seat.

theater seats models
Hedy Theater Seat

Mare Theater Seat

Mare theater seat is one of the best alternatives for those who favor simplicity. It can be a good choice for your theater project with its durable structure and affordable price.
One of our Cinema and Standard seat models produced with Seatment guarantee, Mare long wooden arm, inside writing table, back and seat upholstery conference chair are produced in accordance with TSE.

theater seats models
Mare Theater Seat

As Seatment, we manufacture theater seats for your projects. You can contact us to get more suggestions for your projects. In addition to theater seat models, we also produce cinema seats and movie theater seats.

You can click on the link below to reach all theater seat models.

Theater Seats

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