Auditorium Seating Dimensions

If you are planning to build or renovate an auditorium, one of the most important aspects to consider is the auditorium seating dimensions. In this article, we will explain the basic standards and guidelines for auditorium seat dimensions.

Auditorium Seat Dimensions

Why are auditorium seat dimensions important? Because they affect the capacity and the number of seats you can fit in your auditorium. The more seats you have, the more revenue you can generate from your events. However, you also need to balance the quantity with the quality of the seats, as you want your audience to enjoy the show without feeling cramped or uncomfortable. Therefore, you need to calculate the auditorium seat dimensions carefully, taking into account the space available, the shape and size of the stage, the sight lines, the aisle width, the row spacing, and the exit locations.

There are some general ranges that you can follow to ensure the minimum and maximum comfort of your audience. For example, the seat width of your seats should be at least 50cm, but the ideal width (excluding armrests) should be 55cm in order not to reduce comfort. The seat depth should be between 40cm and 50cm, depending on the seat back angle and the leg room. The seat height should be between 40cm and 45cm, depending on the floor slope and the sight lines. The seat back height should be between 90cm and 110cm, depending on the style and design of the seat.

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